Tools Of The Arts  


These are tools used to make  Bobbin Lace




These two are dated 1994 and 1999.
These were bought at a convention that I attended.


Brown marbled wood
with gold wire wrapped around.




This bobbin has spangles
which keeps it from rolling.



These square type bobbins are really nice to use.  Even without the spangles they don't roll around.



This is a heavier bobbin just recently purchased that I will probably use when I am applying a gimp thread which is heavier than the main thread. 



Compared to the ones on the left
these are very small and lightweight
used with finer thread.



Project done and bobbins are
cleared of all the left-over thread.





Other Tools For Bobbin Lace



Here are two different types of prickers.  Each one holds a pin which is used to put a hole into every dot that is on the pattern that I am working on.


This is just one type of winder.










This little tool just sticks into the pillow that I am working on.  It has a little magnet on the side so when I am working with a tool that has metal on it and needs to be put down I can just let it connect to the magnet instead of having to put it over on a table.  A friend of mine gave this to me after her trip over to Bruges.



This is a set of bobbin holders.  When I am working on a large project and want to either hold a bunch of them together or even when traveling I can then put a bunch of bobbins on one of these and then pull the elastic over so they don't roll all over.


I just liked the looks of the angels on this one.




I bought this at an antique store,
but I don't really use it too much.


My Newest Collection of Hand Made Shuttles Which Use A Bobbin To Hold The Thread.


  All the Shuttles in this group
were hand made by Randy Houtz.

 These are a bit smaller than the ones I normally use.   All of these have a bobbin that holds the thread.   The one has a point which he doesn't even make anymore.


I just had this one made in Sept. 2008 for my birthday.  It is made out of Elks Antlers. 











My latest one is another one made of Elk Antlers.
I like the shape of this one better.



Orange Wood











Laminated wood which starts off as Maple.
Blue is my favorite color.





Bobbin shuttle made of
Blood wood


These shuttles came from Roseground Shuttles




These shuttles also hold the thread in a bobbin.
They come with a miniature screw driver used for adjustment.The little wooden dowel holds the bobbin while winding thread.



Made out of Mock Ivory




African Blackwood






  These shuttles are made by Dave at



  Made from Sunflower seed husks and at the end is a piece of Mammoth Ivory. 



This one is made of Rosewood.
I had the rose carved on each side.
The picture on the right shows
a piece of ivory that is at the end.



This is made from Blood Wood





Different Types of Shuttles


Ceramic shuttles that make a musical-type sound
when the threads pulls out of them.




Two shuttles purchased at the Lace Convention
in Rockford, IL in 2008. 









This is one shuttle showing both sides.
The design is pretty cool.










Another shuttle like the one on the left.
Both hand made.




Purchased at an antique store.



Just a plain old plastic shuttle
that is so easy to handle.



Clover shuttles

Moonlit bobbin shuttles by Handy Hands
Sunlit Shuttles

Center shuttle is a heart-shaped shuttle
made with
blood wood.
The outside ones are just new styles.

Clover pastels

Two more of the Silent Shuttles.

Shuttles gotten from Jan Stawasz.
I wish I had ordered more colors.

Mr. Stawasz passed away on November 21, 2013.
A great loss.

Silent Shuttles.  These are my favorite.
The man who made these has now retired.

Airlit Shuttles with bobbin.
 Very easy to use
This design of a bird needs to be stood up.

More gifts from friends

Hand decorated gifts from friends
Gift from friend

Gift from a friend
Gifts from friends.  Hand decorated




Embroidery Machines






Viking Husqvarna

This machine and the one below are the same machine.This one has the embroidery attachment on it.  The one below is used for regular sewing with the attachment off.  This is my newest and can do larger embroidery.









Now I am ready to sew again.



This is my Pacesetter which is a Brother machine.  It can also be a sewing machine by just removing the attachment.  This is my older one but still works great.




This is my serger.  I could no longer be without one of these machines.