Different things I've made in tatting



These patterns are from the book

'Button Jar Tatting' By Martha Ess.


          My first Angel with button.

   Made this one with a smaller button
           recommented in the book
I like it much better




Ornament made as a tree top for  Christmas tree
decoated and donated to Hospice Allicance.


Ice Drops

                A large group of us on Facebook are now classified as 'Ice Drop Addicts'.  

           Different designs and ways of doing them were created by many.      

This was my first one.

This is one of my favorites.


Different designs I've completed.




Made for a special order.


Made as a Christmas tree ornament
for a friend in Florda.




 Snowflakes I've made from This Book


All made with split rings.  Good practice!

Cecelia Size 20

'Milky Way' 
DMC white size 20
DMC size 20 Cebelia

DMC Cebelia white, size 20 and Alton Basak Gold metalic size 50. 
Lizbeth size 20 in white
‘Sweet Rose’
Lizbeth size 10

 ‘Circle of Crowns’
DMC Cebelia size 20
Lizbeth thread size 20

Flora size


'The Twirley' 
Used Floria size 20
'Spring Blossom' 
Cebelia size 20 white, and Altin Basak red metallic size 50




Projects I've made from this book by Jon Yusoff


Lizbeth Twirlz, size 20 #403
Newer thread from Handy Hands
Lizbeth, size #20, Spice Cake


Lizbeth size 20, Harvest Orange, medium


Lizbeth size 40 called Spice Cake
Lizbeth size 20, #114 Sea Shells


HDT by Maralee Rockley
size 20, Gold Dust

Lizbeth thread size 20,#637, Country Grape Med.



Lizbeth thread size 40 #167, Jungle Green.



Lizbeth size 40.  #694, Harvest Orange, Med.

Lizbeth size 20, Magenta, drk.  #618

Lizbeth size 20, #675, Fern Green

Lizbeth size 20 #637

Lizbeth size 20, #675, Fern Green, med.



Lizbeth size 20, Magenta, drk.  #618


Lizbeth size 20,  #140 called Country Grape




Tatting with Buttons

Saw these on the internet and decided to make some of my own.

Same holes, different shapes


Just different colored thread.


Designed this one myself.


This one is the first one I designed myself.


This bookmark was fun to make.

This was my first one like this.


Smaller button in this one.


These red hearts were actually my first attempt at this.

I was really having fun with using buttons.




"TATTED Easter Eggs"
by Kirsten Wind Hansen


There are 24 egg patterns in this book,
but I am not doing them in the exact order.


No. 8
White and #130, Island Breeze
  Lizbeth size 20 in #632 Purple med.


 Lizbeth white and 644 Boysenberry.



 Lizbeth 20 in Dusty Rose #621

Egg #10
Lizbeth 20 Natural and #602
 Country Turquoise Medium


Egg #4
Lizbeth size 20 in white



Lizbeth size 20 #142 Turquoise Twist





Purple Splendor


Lizbeth size 20 in #104
 called Summer Fun.


Lizbeth white and #124 Spring Garden

Lizbeth size 20 in bright white
and tiny pastel lavender beads.



Lizbeth size 20, #106

Lizbeth #131 and the white is
Cebelia, size 30.

Flora size 20, #17


 # 2
Lizbeth thread size 20,
#114 called Sea Shell



These designs are from:
"Tatting with Visual Patterns"
by Mary Konior









Lizbeth thread size 20, #670, Victorian 






"Supermodel Bookmark" designed by a lady from www.InTatters.com

Made with Lizbeth size 20 #131 called Vineyard Harvest.
I finished it off like I do my bookmarks in Bobbin Lace.




Heart by Susan Fuller
I used Lizbeth thread size 20 called Country Time



"Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns"
by Rozella F. Linden 


These two are the same.
I am showing them from both sides, so you can see how different they look.



I used HDT called "Nectarine" for the first flower and
Lizbeth #131 called Vineyard Harvest for the second one.
The green is also Lizbeth #684.  03/2011


by Rosemarie Peel

One of my latest tatting projects. 
Each one was given its own name.












Tatted pieces from different sources and designers.


Maple Leaf

The pattern is by Tammy Rodgers.
I used HDT size 20 called Forest from Yarnplayer. 

Canadian Maple Leaf

Designed by Gale Marshall in 2002.
 HDT from Yarnplayer size 20 called Knitty Gritty.


Maple Leaf

I used HDT size 40, called Sugar Maple.
Next time I will use a thicker thread so it shows up better in my window.



Tatted Christmas Tree

This pattern came from Be-Stitched.
I used Altin Basak, 50 in white/silver metallic
and then again in the gold/metallic



Celtic Snowflake

Pattern by Rozella Linden using Manuela size 20 thread




Celtic Doily

By Lenore English 09/05.
Omega size 30, #1336/Natural
and HDT from Marilee Rockley at Yarnplayer.com

Quantiesque Snowflake'

By Jon Yusoff 2008.
 Lizbeth thread, 40 called Carousel and the other is Ecru





"Celtic Style Christmas Wreaths"

 I made these using Lizbeth thread, size 20.
The pattern is by Birgit Phelps 2001.


This pattern came from a Danis Anna Magazine
September 2009 issue.





Adapted and worked by Helen Bailey
from a circular motif by Sue Hanson




Pattern is from "LEARN TO TAT" by Janette Baker.
This was a good book that came with a DVD. 



Dimpled Ring Bookmark (08)

Bookmark made from "Tatted Dimpled Rings" by Joy Botchlet.
I am going to weave a ribbon through the center to make it look straighter.
Very difficult to keep straight.  (2008)




This piece is hanging on the glass in a china cabinet. 
© Copyright 1994 BJ LOVETATS



I did this one a long time ago and found it in my storage box.  A little bit too flimsy for me.

This is tatted on a bone ring.  Internet instructions. (2008)













This was designed by Julie Patterson in 2004.
Used DMC Cebelia 30 thread.








Looks very nice on my tree at Christmas.
I have made many and given them away as gifts.

Nice to make and put in a
Christmas card.


This pattern is made with picots around the outside,
but it was wanted plainer,