I started sewing back in seventh grade. My mother was a seamstress, and I guess it just rubbed off on me.



Here is a shirt that I made for a friend of mine.
The fabric is black with silver metallic thread running through it.
I did the embroidery on it also using the silver metallic embroidery thread.
I guess this shirt now belongs in two categories. 




This jacket won these ribbons at the Racine County Fair back a few years ago. 
I still have the jacket.



This is a 3/4 coat that was  made from a Vogue
pattern. This coat also received a blue ribbon at the fair.
This picture was taken at the Racine, WI County Fair.
I received both a blue ribbon and an outstanding on this jacket.





This vest was made for a friend of mine.  It was also the first time that I had done this type of work using the quilting technique. 



The back was also a challenge.




Started smocking when I took a sewing class way back in seventh grade.
Then we just used gingham fabric with the little blocks to follow.
Now I have my own pleater and I can now use any kind of material .



This was the second nightgown that I had made,
and I think I got a little better selecting my smocking stitches  





All I have left of this shirt is this picture.
The sweatshirt got smaller after a couple of washings so I removed the smocked insert. 
I still have it and maybe someday I will insert it into another shirt if it isn't all faded out by then.




I know that this is needlepoint, but my mother actually did these years ago. 
She then asked me if I would finish them up for her with a backing and a lining.