I used two threads to make the design stand out more.


This is done in Ecru colored thread.   The thread color used here is Gold.


I have a few of these shirts and thought they were just to plain,
so on this one I decided to put this design on it.


White on black   Gold on brown



I took this off the main pattern
and put it on the back.



Again taken from pattern and put on back.


Two combined roses from pattern
and put on back.




I saw a shirt on TV,
and it gave methis idea.
The pattern wraps over the shoulder.
This is showing it wrapping to back.



Machine embroidery 
"I Make Lace"
Shirt two


Tatting in Machine Embroidery!
I found a way to crop some of the
design to put this on the back.


Another tatted design



Pattern using a Hardanger design
Pants go with the shirt on the left.


I made this shirt that has pants that match the trim, but the front was just too plain, so I added this design.

I really like flowers a lot.


Embroidered this on my girlfriend's shirt.  
She wore it golfing and many were impressed, 
especially with her name being on it.


This is Carson, and he  loves Pandas

After putting the two Pandas on the front,
I just felt that something should also go on the back.  He got a lot of attention at school, even from his teacher



Another shirt for Carson 


This is for Cade, my Brother's Grandson.  
A little sister arrived in April 10, 2006.


Pinwheel for Charlotte's shirt
Put a small Crocus on the back of the shirt.  She really likes flowers.


Charlotte's pale pink poodle 
and a larger white poodle as her mom


This is Charlotte's jacket, and she
wanted bees on it,  so I went a little
nuts, but she likes it.  Now I have to
take another picture because she
wanted more on the jacket.  
Watch for the turtle and lady bug.


Jacket back two.
This is how I changed it.
She's a happy girl now. 


Put this Maypole on a 
white shirt for Andréa.
Put this on the back of her shirt just
about two inches below the collar line.


Has the look of Carrickmacross.  
The front of another one of my t-shirts.  
I wish I could find more of this.
I p
ut this smaller flower
on the left shoulder.


Done on the front of my 
friend Henry's shirt.
Did this on the front of 
one of my own shirts.


Hummingbirds on a t-shirt of mine.


Purchased jacket that looked too plain for me, so I found the same green color as the top and put these outline flowers on it.   Another purchased jacket which,
again, needed something. 


Did this using Tone-On-Tone colors.


Club shirts for the R.E.S.O.R.C.E. 
Recycling Club in Florida