I started knitting back in the early 60's. 
I skipped a few years, but then I got the urge again
 and went gung ho for quite a while after that.


First I knitted a navy-colored vest for myself, and then my mother saw it, and she wanted one, also.  This is a picture of my mother over 20 years ago.



A 3/4 sleeve sweater made over 10 years ago,
and I am still wearing it today.












This was my first attempt at
Fair Isle knitting. This sweater
 is pretty old now, but I am still wearing it.



Second sweater using
Fair Isle knitting.
This was easier than
the first one.




 Sample of the yarn used for my projects

I went to a Lace Day in Downers Grove, Illinois,
and one of the vendors was selling this new yarn.
I had bought one skein, and then I just had to have more. 


Black And  White


Different Shades Of Blues


Blues And Purples


Green And Black


These scarves are about two yards long. 
You fold it in half and put it around your neck,
then put the two loose ends through the folded end.

I made a total of seven scarves.
The sample above Is the type of yarn I used.
It really took some getting used to when I first started working with it.