I started doing Hardanger in 1988 after going to an open house for a "History of Lace." 



This piece is setting in the center of my coffee table.  It's measures almost 13"



Made two of these doilies to put on my coffee table. 
 I change them periodically from bobbin lace to hardanger.



This tablecloth is a copy of one that was made by this lady's mother over 80 years ago.
She herself was in her 80's.  The threads of the older one were falling apart. 
It measures 26" x 26" and It took me over 100 hours to complete it.



This was made for the lady that I made
the table cloth for in the above photo.



I made this piece of hardanger for a lady
who was a neighbor of mine for over 30 years. 




4 3/8"  x 4"




These are used as window hangings.  Most of them have a crystal tear drop hanging in the center. 


















This made a beautiful decoration on my table at Christmastime.  This has gold metallic thread in with the red.  Its width is 10 3/4"






 Just a small piece which could be used as a coaster.




This is hanging in my living room and is replaced at Christmastime with the one below.



Hanging in my bedroom
has mother of pearl hearts on it.




Made with mother of pearl stars.



This is my favorite.  It is hanging on one of my sliding glass doors. 





Also hanging in my window