Lighthouse Lacers

I have been A member of this group since 1988 and had also been the President of the group for four years.  We now have about 25 members who are from different parts of Wisconsin and also some from California, Arizona and even Colorado.  We are also a chartered member of the International Old Lacers, Inc. (I.O.L.I.) which is a non-profit group.  

Every other year we decorate a Christmas tree that is between four and five feet tall and donate it to an organization.  They then put it on display and sell raffle tickets.  The last four times the tree has gone to the Hospice House here in Kenosha, WI.  Amounts collected for the trees have ranged from $350 to as high as $1,300.  The amount has been increasing every year.  Our tree is decorated with ornaments made in Bobbin Lace, Tatting, Hardanger and Crochet. 

Our group meets once a month at either a library or someone's home.  We go on weekend retreats annually to Green Lake, Wisconsin.  I have now attended this function for two years and plan on going again in late October. 



A display that our group had at a Library in Racine, WI. 
This display was set up approximately 15 years ago. 



Another display by our group set up in the Library in Kenosha, WI during the month of March 2002.  On the first day of this event, members of the group did demonstrations.  We had an article put into the Kenosha News regarding our group and a bit of history about lace.  We will be doing this again in March of 2004. 


Some of the members of the "Lighthouse Lacers"
attending the retreat at Green Lake, Wisconsin in 2002.


This is the tree we decorated in 2014.


Tree on display at Sew'n Save in Racine, WI

This lady is the winner of the tree in 2012. 


International Organization of Lace, Inc.

Been a member of this group now for over ten years. 



Have been a member of this group now for about three years. 
Because this group is out of state, I can't attend the meetings,
 but I really enjoy receiving their newsletter which is always filled with a lot of useful information. 
 This group has approximately 50 members all over the world and is still growing.