Samples of some of my first beginning laces

(Newer pieces are at the bottom)





I took a Bucks Pointe
 class in Michigan in 1997.
My instructor was Trenna Ruffner


I have made three of the Bobbin Lace Madonna.




This project is using bobbins with spangles. 
This does help to keep the bobbins from rolling around a lot.



Another project on a pillow just
waiting to get finished.



This was the first time I took
on a project that was this big.
This project required 128 bobbins.

  The  finished piece is behind a piece of plastic on the front of a bag that I carry my bobbin lace pillow in. Its positioning has now started to change a bit.


Here is another pillow where I am really trying to make  some good looking tallies. 
This will be quite an accomplishment for me.




This piece was on display at the "Pasco Art Center" in Holiday, Florida, during an exhibition they were having in 2005. 
Their theme was "Working with Threads." 
This year, 2007 it was on display at the John Michael Kohler Art Center
up in Sheboygan, WI for their exhibition which was entitled "Lace and History". 
I was invited up there to do a  demonstration of lace along with showing some of my books and tools for making lace.





Set up for my first bobbin
lace piece using wire.


My first finished piece.





This is how my project
was set up and worked on
for the flower to the right.

  My second piece using wire. This piece was also selected to be on display up at the Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, WI.


A larger picture of my two finished wire lace projects.




I really like to make bookmarks.  There were many more, but I always seem to find  someone who would just love to have one of them.  By comparing No's 4 and 6 With No. 5 you can see what a difference it can make by just changing the color on one pair of bobbins.



I just had to do something different.


Doily 4x4"


Three doilies mounted for showing. The two smaller side ones are the same pattern, but were made using different size threads.   Really nice on my
Christmas tree.


Christmas tree ornaments


Russian Tape Lace Butterfly



Cover cloths done in Machine Embroidery




This is a piece of Bruges Lace that we made at our retreat last year 2007. 
We all finished this piece and then even started another one.