Florida 2010


Homosassa Springs


I've been going down to Florida for 20 years and I've always wanted to see live manatees.  Finally this year my brother said he would take me to see them.  He suggested Homosassa Springs and I was sure glad he did.  I felt like a kid again.  I brought two cameras and had myself a really good time.

                                                           This picture was taken from the outside entrance.                                                                       

This scene on the building was so pretty that I just couldn't wait to see more.


I'd like to have one of these myself!


This was my favorite entrance scene and it was on the entrance to the grounds itself .  


Now here starts my trip through the Springs! This guy looked at all of us and just said 'Tourists!'  So funny. We had to go through this building to get to the shuttle boat.


Here is the gift shop that I didn't go into until after our tour.
I'll show you what I purchased later.


Here are some of the pictures and art along the side walls.  Beautiful!


This was sitting in the center.  So pretty!  I was getting excited just seeing this stuff.



A more closeup picture from past years.


No, it's not real, but I can just imagine all the work that went into making this.


I would have loved to have a smaller version of this Manatee to take home.


Here is a line of people waiting for the next shuttle boat to come in.


You walk through this passage way to get to the boat.  Here is a large bird sanctuary.  The lighting in here was really bad.




There were only a couple birds up close enough to get a picture.  I love the blue one.




Not enough people waiting when this one left.  More fun with a full deck.


This boat was full so we had to wait for the next one. 


Here is a couple who had walked it instead.

We were able to see another shuttle boat going back on the other side.




The object below is to keep other animals from eating the food,
but mainly to save the babies.



Here is where we entered the Springs itself.

We found signs to help guide us in.  At first a little confusing because people were going in all different directions.



This squirrel must have known he was protected.  I stood right behind it and it never moved!



When we arrived at the section we thought had the Manatees I saw a hippo.  I was kind of surprised because I thought there were just Manatees here.  Her name is Lu.




Here is a closeup showing one of her teeth that is sticking out.  Kind of hard to read this, but it is the story of Lu.  She will be able to stay here forever  and will be taken care of and fed for the rest of her life.













Then I saw Crocodiles!  While standing on this little crossway between Lu the Hippo and the Crocodiles, I looked up in the trees and took these pictures.





I saw more animals than I even knew were here....such fun.


 Now were getting to the part that I really wanted to see.  Here is part of a building with a downstairs aquarium. 


Just a lot of fish swimming around, but pretty interesting anyway.


Here I saw people looking and pointing, so I asked what they were looking at?  They told me it was a Manatee, finally!


Then I really saw a Manatee! Here it is first coming out.


Here it is starting to make it's turn over, which I was told they do. Below it shows it further along.


Isn't this just a beautiful sight!

I went downstairs by the aquarium and was able to capture this picture.  A lot of people and the lighting wasn't very good.

I caught the front, center and back!

I will have videos of the Manatees in the video section later. 


It was a great day.  My brother had been here more than once before, but I hope he still enjoyed  it.  Below is the one thing I purchased from the gift shop.  This is now in my entertainment center along with other little handmade things from here in Florida.